Put your best words forward…

Telling stories is my passion: moving readers or viewers from one perspective to another with narratives that surprise and resonate. I offer the following services to help you polish your fiction, creative non-fiction, or script projects.

One-on-One Mentoring for Shorter Pieces: Whether you’re working towards a first publication, a contest entry, or just fixing up a story that needs a fresh point of view, I can help to improve your work by offering substantive feedback, line edits, and guidance on the overall shape and tone of your piece.

Manuscript Evaluation: For book-length works such as novels, short story collections, or memoirs, I offer manuscript evaluations that include a multi-page written analysis, a phone or face-to-face meeting, and detailed editorial suggestions within the pages of your work.

Script Consultation: For filmmakers or theatre artists I offer an intensive script review that will help to improve narrative flow, clean-up dialogue, clarify character motivations, express themes, and tighten pacing.

To chat with me about your needs, please get in touch via email:
becky [at] beckyblake [dot] ca


"Becky's a gem. Her kind and thorough attention to my piece was so appreciated." 
Christine Lynett, artist and educator

"I've used Becky Blake to edit several of my essays and narrative non-fiction pieces, and they have all been stronger for her feedback. Her editing is intelligent, incisive and well-considered. Her reasoned approach to editing, in the context of structure and plot, has made my work tighter and allowed me to see my work from an editor's perspective as well as a writer's. I would highly recommend her services."
Sylvia Arthur, communications consultant and author

"Becky Blake offered wonderful insight and mentorship during the process of writing my mum's memoir; questions that were invaluable to the process of our revisions and explorations. Becky was so helpful, direct and honest. I would recommend her services without question."
Dov Mickelson, actor